Notice: Before sending recaptcha v3 task, you should transfer credits to recaptcha v2 type for consuming in guest system login in with your key.

ReCaptcha V3

ReCaptcha V3 is another type of google captcha. The user does not need to interact with it, instead it uses score to measure if you are a human.But ReCaptcha V3 is similar to ReCaptcha V2: user gets a token from ReCaptcha API which is then sent to the target website and verified.

ReCaptcha API returns score of a user detecting whether he was a human or a bot. The score is a number from 0.1 to 0.9 which is passed to the website, then the website decides what to do according to the score. The lowest score is 0.1 which means acutual robot, the highest is 0.9 which means real human. But most sites uses thresholds from 0.2 to 0.5 because real humans often receive a low score.

And there is a parameter named action to define user's different actions on the website.


How to bypass

  1. You should make sure wheather the target website is using ReCaptcha V3. Open the html source code of the target website.

  2. There is no image to select or click, and you can find out that google key is loaded on the script url such as

    and google recaptcha executes with action parameter like

  3. The google recaptcha key of the website is the render parameter or data-sitekey. Copy it. And send a Post http request with the value copies as parameter siteKey, full page URL as parameter pageUrl and action parameter to our server api:

    . You can find the full list of parameters in the API List below.

  4. If the request is accepted fine, the server will return JSON {success: true, data: 12345} in which data is the id for the task you submit.

  5. Wait for 10-15 seconds to send a HTTP GET request to API

    providing the task ID. If task is solved the api will return the result in JSON. The result is a token like this:

    If the captcha is not solved yet the api will return finish=false in return JSON. Just repeat your request in 5-10 seconds.

  6. You should find out how the target website use the token, and post the request with token returned by us. You can't predict what score is acceptable for the target website you want to solve at. It can only be figured out by trial and error.

  7. If you succeed to bypass, you can submit the result with 1 to us through the api

    If the token is valid cause you fail to bypass, please submit the result with 0 to us, we will not deduct your credit for this task.


API Return Value

Return value is JSON, including:

successbooleanTrue is success, false means failed
dataanyReturn data
messagestringError description contained when success is false
codestringError code contained when success is false


Error Code List

bypass.error.guest_key_not_existKey is invalid
bypass.error.guest_disabledKey is disabled
bypass.error.guest.credit_not_enoughNo enough credit
bypass.error.task.invalidTask id is invalid


API List

1. Post recaptcha task

keystringYesThe key you use to access bypasscaptcha apis
siteKeystringYesThe google recaptcha key of target website
pageUrlstringYesFull URL of the page where you want to bypass the ReCaptcha
actionstringYesAction parameter found at the target website
vendorKeystringNoVendor key can be used in your software if your are a software vendor.

Return Value:

dataobjectTask Id


2. Check task status

keystringYesThe key you use to access bypasscaptcha apis
taskIdsstringYesTask ids join with ',' to be a string such as 1,2,3

Return Value:

dataArrayTask status list

Task Status Object:

finishbooleanIs task over
valuestringGoogle token
taskIdnumberIf task isn't over, taskId is 0
finishTimenumberUnix timestamp displayed as seconds. If task isn't over, finishTime is 0


3. Submit task result

keystringYesThe key you use to access bypasscaptcha apis
taskIdnumberYesThe task you want to report result
resultnumberYes1 means success, 0 means failure

Return Value: